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Bigger. Bolder. Stronger.

🎨 🔧 with ❤️ by Mike Mai

Typesettings.css is a lite design system for minimal website or article design, inspired by traditional graphic design fundamentals. No colors; no Javascript; no classes required! In version 2.x, the typography scales bigger, the design goes bolder, and contrast gets stronger.

Basic Usage

  1. Include typesettings.css in the HTML file’s <head> section:

      <link rel="stylesheet" href="[path]/typesettings.css">

    📣: If you are using typesettings.css as is, don’t combine it with other frameworks. Also, basic resets are included, there is no need to use Normalize.css or Sanitize.css.

  2. Add data-typesettings attribute to the direct child element of the <body>:

      <div data-typesettings>

Enhanced elements

All of these HTML elements can be used inside the div[data-typesettings] element without any classes. It’s that easy!

  • p
  • dl
  • ol
  • ul
  • nav
  • aside
  • footer
  • header
  • section
  • h1 ~ h6
  • blockquote
  • fieldset
  • details
  • button
  • figure
  • input
  • label
  • small
  • table
  • abbr
  • code
  • form
  • kbd
  • pre
  • hr

Browser Support

This framework is built for all browsers but IE, cuz fuck it.