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2 Random Typefaces Design Challenge

Recently I saw this cool little challenge @typesetting was doing.

Chose two fonts at random, tried to make them work.

And I thought well, well, well, I wanna take a crack at this, but in code! because why not?

Step by step of what I did next:

  1. Go to
  2. Focus on search input
  3. Randomly bang some keys
  4. Press backspace till the results show something
  5. Pick the 1st font
  6. Repeat for another font

I got Comfortaa and Square Peg this way.

After analyzing the typefaces a bit, the first thing that popped up in my mind is GTA: Vice City, which drew a lot of inspirations from the 80s show Miami Vice starring Don Johnson.

So I ended up with this 80s styled promo for a fake radio station.

See the codepen a Vice City radio station dedicated to the glamorously pop '80s. Subscription plans starting at only $8.88 monthly or $88 annually.
The final result.